In years to come, instead of harvesting fish for food, countries will have to collect plastic and prevent waste from flowing into the ocean to keep the ecosystem from spiraling downwards into an irreversible fate. With media focusing primarily on climate change as a result of pollution, many forget about the different forms of pollution presently causing vast detriment in the world’s oceans. Three factors endangering the ocean today include anthropogenic runoff, plastic debris, and climate change. Each type of pollution has a history, current issue in the Pacific, and mitigation to move towards improvement. Whether it be a completely redesigned water treatment plant in Santa Monica, or local beach clean-ups on the Hawaiian Islands, every little bit helps mitigate the issues. So often the headlines in the news for water and society portray water systems as the enemy and humans as the victim, but when it comes to the Pacific Ocean, it is the human systems causing the present pollution headaches through the three preeminent avenues.